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Auto Correct: Next Stop MS with Roddy Merritt

Here’s a special podcast for you. Auto Correct’s friend Roddy Merrit – organizer of Southlife Car Show – was recently on MPB’s Next Stop Mississippi heard Fridays at 10am on MPB Think Radio.

Roddy talks about how his event company got started and tells a little bit about Southlife. By the way, Auto Correct will broadcast live Saturday, July 31st at 11am. Allison Walker the lady auto mechanic will be there. We’ve got some give away goodies so we hope we’ll see you to!

Southlife at Trustmark Park in Pearl Mississippi July 31st and August 1st 2021.

Auto Correct is heard on MPB Think Radio Thursdays at 10am with a replay Saturdays at 11am across Mississippi. We broadcast also on mpbonline dot org and on the MPB Public Media app

M.P.M.C. is an event planning for automotive lifestyle events.

We specialize in automotive entertainment by hosting 3 main shows per year, Hangar Hangover, Southlife Car Show, and Lowstyle Expo.

In the fall of 2018, founder Roddy Merritt created Lowstyle Expo to help offer something different for the automotive community. Following the success of the show, Roddy would go on to create and host 2 more shows, The Hangar Hangover and Southlife Car Show. Jake and Heather Carlisle came to Roddy to help host Southlife, and the team of 3 created MPMC.

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Auto Correct: Warning! Check Engine

That check engine light. What does it mean? What is it hiding? We’re going to learn how to check that check engine light and why that’s important.MPB and Auto Correct is very excited that Coach Charlie -Charles Melton, recently retired automotive instructor at the Clinton High School Career Complex is with us.After 3 years, Auto Correct is changing it up a bit. Our previous host Allison Walker has moved on. You can follower her on Tick-Tock and other social media platforms at The Lady Auto Mechanic. She’s started her own podcast called: The Lady Auto Mechanic. We’re so excited that she helped originate Auto Correct on MPB and wish her the best on her new adventures. for the past month:GM Announces Fix for Chevrolet Bolt EV Battery Problems Kia Sedona Recalled for Indicator Malfunction and some Hyundai Sonatas alsoHyundai Recalls 2017 Sonata Hybrids, Tucsons for Fire RiskFord Recalls 2011-13 Explorers Over Suspension Issue2020-2021 Ford Explorer and Lincoln Aviator, Corsair SUVs Recalled for Failing Backup CamerasVolvo S60s, S80s Recalled Over Potentially Deadly Airbag Inflators. Various model years beginning in 2001.You can find out if your car has a past recall by going to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s website: and inputting your VIN number. Or find their SaferCar app.In the news: Have you seen the antique cars at the Mississippi State Fair? On view until Sunday, October 17th, 2021 Casey: 2022 Subaru Outback Wilderness.Short take: version: test main computeroil optionsheated seat repairold Priuscabin air filters

Auto Correct: National SCCA

We love answering your vehicle repair questions – “we” being Allison! But we – including me, love hearing about Allison’s racing experiences. Between your calls and emails we’ll hear about the Auto Cross National event this past week. for the week: 2018-21 model years Toyota Tundra Recalled for Headlight Fire Risk. dealers will modify, inspect, and if necessary replace the assembly. . Toyota will notify owners by Nov. 1, but if you have further questions in the meantime, you can call the automaker at 800-331-4331, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s vehicle-safety hotline at 888-327-4236You can find out if your car has a past recall by going to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s website: and inputting your VIN number. Or find their SaferCar app.In the news: We discussed – last month that Algeria, used up the last of its stockpile of leaded gasoline in July. That's according to the U.N. Environment Programme, which has spent 19 years trying to eliminate leaded gasoline around the globe. . . .There’s still leaded fuel around. Small aircraft use it. Casey: Buick EnvisionShort take: version: warrantyFord loses powerstarter issuehigh beamsstarter technical bullietin

Auto Correct: Wipers ENCORE

If you’ve been in the rain with bad wipers, well you know how awful that is. We want to give you some advice on how to take care of your wipers, save you some money, and keep you safe. Allison will also answer your vehicle repair questions.Follow Allison Walker on social media! She's racing this week. to clean your wiperwhen to clean your wiperhow to examin your wiperreplacing your wiperthe wiper armAllison's racingin West Monroe this weekend!Calls:change your windshield - change your wipercan my vehicle towblade troubledoor hinge troubletracktor troublenot wiper but windshield defectiveemail: ceramic coating or clear wrapHonda Accord chatter one direction when lite rainwax coating or rainxPrius maintenance required lightRecalls: Sometimes recalls are for hundreds of thousands of vehicles – like the recent Ford airbag recalls. Other recalls are for 9 – because they were assembled incorrectly.You can find out if your car has a past recall by going to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s website: and inputting your VIN number. Or find their SaferCar app.In the news:Tennessee lawmakers are considering a bill that would bring criminal immunity to drivers who hit protesters illegally blocking the road. The bill says drivers won’t face prosecution if they hurt or kill a protester illegally blocking a roadway if the driver ‘"exercises due caution" and hits them unintentionally. Casey reviews of the Subaru Crosstrek:Short segment: video: