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Auto Correct: Filters

Allison Walker, The Lady Auto Mechanic, told us about 5 types of filters giving us details about the first 2:

  • transmission
  • cabin
  • engine
  • oil
  • fuel

Here are the recalls for the week: 2019-2020 Porsche Cayenne: Dealers will replace the fuel line and quick connector for free.

2020 Audi Q8: Dealers will inspect the transmission oil pipe and replace it, if necessary, for free.

2019-2020 Toyota RAV4, RAV4 Hybrid: Dealers will replace both front lower suspension arms with new ones for free.

2019-2020 Audi A6, A6 Allroad, Q3, Q7: Dealers will replace the instrument panels for free.

2019-2020 Mitsubishi Outlander, Outlander PHEV Recall Alert: Dealers will inspect the right-side second-row seat belt and replace it, as necessary, for free.

141,000 Mitsubishi Sedans, Hatchbacks and SUVs: Dealers will inspect the front cross-members and, depending on the level of corrosion, either apply a sealing/anti-corrosion agent or replace the front cross-member with a new one that has a sealing/anti-corrosion agent applied to it. Both repairs will be done for free.

You can find out if your car has a past recall by going to the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration’s website:  and inputting your VIN number.

Consumer Reports has a list of vehicles that have a record of much-worse-than-average overall reliability based on subscriber responses to their Annual Auto Survey. Today, we’re going to caution you about:

Ford 350 2006 and 2008 engine problems

Please consider reading up on the reliability of this car before purchasing it as a used car, suggests Consumer Reports.           is another resource for unreliable car lists.    

If you’re interested in reviews of new cars Casey Williams is the automotive correspondent for WFYI, a public radio station in Indianapolis. He has reviewed cars and covered the auto industry for 25 years. His review this week is on the 2020 BMW 840i and “Is this A Good Time To Buy A New Car”

The AAA is predicting: the resurgence of the American road trip. CDC still recommends Americans do not travel at all except for necessary reasons and lockdown severity varies from state to state. Some states still require visitors to self quarantine for 14 days before going out in public. Be sure to look up rules for travel in the states you’re visiting.


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