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Auto Correct: Air Conditioning 2022

Is it the best invention in the world – air conditioning? It certainly makes car trips better – until it doesn’t. We’re going to talk air conditioning between your vehicle repair questions.


  • Battery Issue Prompts Recall of Ford Mustang Mach-E - An over-the-air software update related to the on-board diagnostic control module and the battery energy control module should resolve the issue, and Ford is anticipating deployment of that update in July.

You can find out if your car has a past recall by going to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s website: and inputting your VIN number. Or find their SaferCar app.

In the News: Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) and General Motors did a controlled study comparing the fuel efficiency of driving with the car air conditioner on to driving with the windows down. After comparing cars at speeds of 31, 50 and 68 mph in 86-degree F weather, they concluded driving with the windows down is more fuel efficient than running the A/C. The test also measured the fuel efficiency of closed windows and no A/C, which was significantly better on fuel than the other two.

Now I don’t want anyone to bake, but if are trying every single way to improve your gas mileage give a thought to not running the A/C.

Auto Casey: Mercedes GLS 450

Short video:

Long version:

Coach Charlie’s Tip of the Week: make sure you remove all debris from the front grill is cleaned off


  • Brake fluid test strips
  • Takes a while to blow cold
  • Car that has sat
  • Gas stabilizer?
  • Fan clutch
  • Air conditioner
  • Radio
  • Needs hose or
  • Delay relay
  • Activator
  • Speakers
  • Electric steering
  • Brake light
  • Delay relay or starter system

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