Auto Correct


Auto Correct: 2nd Opinion

When you’re faced with a large estimate for a repair to your vehicle what’s your first thought? Maybe it should be “I need a 2nd opinion”. We get some advice from Coach on the topic and get answers to repair questions on the show today.

Recalls: You can find out if your car has a past recall by going to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s website: and inputting your VIN number. Or find their SaferCar app. They also have great tips like how to prepare before you head out on the road in the Summer. Recalls on RV tires. And the improved testing standards for child safety seats.

News: Certain areas of Mississippi’s interstates will continue to be without streetlights for the time being. The Mississippi Department of Transportation said it’s because of copper wire theft. “The last time they were repaired and replaced, they didn’t last but about a month or so before they were stolen again,” MDOT spokesperson Michael Flood said.

Auto Casey: 2023 Nissan Z

Short video:

Long version:

Coach's Tip of the Week: the lowest price shop might not be the best deal but the highest price shop might not be the best deal either.


  • Cost of repair
  • Air conditioner
  • Fuel pump module
  • Climate control
  • Looking for a part
  • Shifting gears
  • Misfire
  • Escape
  • ABS module
  • Transmission
  • Brake job


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